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It was a cold day, drained of colour. The whole of the UK was shrouded with a mist of pessimism… However, on the upper hand it was a Friday!
Amber was on her way to her friend Carl's house. She had been invited along with a couple of other friends to a movie night in. It was a nice way to get the weekend rolling. Luckily, the journey to Carl's was only about a 15 minute walk. So it didn't take Amber long to get there.

*BEEEEEP* Amber jumped a little at the volume of the doorbell as she pressed it.
The door swiftly opened, and standing there were Carl and the other two people he had invited - Sonia and Mark.
"Hey Amber!" They welcomed her with a smile, and proceeded to invite her in.
"Just so you know, my parents are out for the weekend, so it'll just be us four." Carl explained, as Amber was taking her shoes off.
"Oh, ok then. That's fine." She replied politely.
When Amber had put her shoes to the side, she glanced to her left and was a little surprised to see Mark staring down at her toes longingly. However he soon looked away after noticing he’d been caught.
“Ok, follow me.” Everyone proceeded to follow Carl to the living room, ready to get comfortable before they put the first film on. Carl's hospitality was at an all-time high tonight. He asked his friends if they wanted any food or drink before the films began. After everyone kindly declined, the movie night got under way.

The first film everyone watched was Skyfall. Carl was quite easily excited, so he found this film very enticing. In fact, all four of the friends hardly said a word while the movie was showing.
It was about half way through the film that Amber went and got herself a drink. As she was pouring the drink for herself, she heard loud giggling and squealing coming from the living room.
"Eeeeheehee! Guys staahaahap it!" Is all that Amber could make out from the distant laughing. However, she just took a sip of her drink and shrugged it off.
When she re-entered the living room, nothing looked out of the ordinary. All three of her friends' eyes were glued to the TV screen like they had been for most of the movie.
"Oh guys, by the way..." Mark said abruptly. "That guy dies soon."
"Dude!! Don't spoil it!" The rest of them shouted.
"Hahaha!" Mark found this hilarious. He was a typical prankster kind of guy. His definition of fun was seeing other people's reactions to certain things. But behind that, he was a nice guy to be around.

A few hours passed, and the group were now on their third film. They had been pretty impressed with Skyfall and Paranormal Activity, however it was now Cowboys Vs. Aliens playing, and the mood in the room was considerably less excited.
"Hey guys, I'm just going to pop to the toilet." Explained Amber, as she left the room and headed upstairs.
"Sure thing, first room on your left." Carl replied.
"Heh, thanks."
Amber took the journey upstairs very slowly. It was dark, and after watching Paranormal Activity, she was regretting this decision.

Back downstairs, Carl started muttering to the others.
"This film is pretty dull. I've got a better idea!" He said, drawing the others closer.
"What is it?" Mark and Sonia both asked.
"Well here's what we'll d-"
The sound of the toilet flushing made it impossible for Amber to hear a word anyone was saying. She headed back downstairs, completely unaware of her friends' little conversation.
As she sat back down she noticed that the room was very silent, however she didn't suspect anything. There hadn’t really been a long conversation between anyone all night.
A few minutes of no one saying a word passed. Carl looked to Mark and Sonia and nodded at them. He gave a subtle countdown from five with his hand, and as his last finger went down, he wasted no time in lunging at Amber.
"NOW!" He shouted, as he grabbed Amber's wrists and pulled her to the floor.
"Oh?! What the-?!" Amber was too startled by Carl's shout to stop him pulling her to the carpet.
Mark swiftly grabbed Amber's ankles and pushed them together. He then sat on top of them, pinning them down.
Carl did the same thing with Amber's wrists. While Sonia straddled the helpless girls hips. Amber was now almost completely immobile. All this had happened in a matter of seconds.
"Guys?! What are you doing?!" Amber asked with a shocked tone to her voice.
"Oh nothing, just spicing up the film a little bit." Mark replied.
"Yeah, just pretend you’re the cowboy and we're the evil aliens attacking you!" Sonia chuckled.
"I don't wanna be attacked! This isn't very funny...” Amber replied, lying motionless on the soft carpet. None of the others seemed to take notice of her though.
"Ok Mark, you first." Carl said with a worryingly excited tone.
"Gotcha." Mark instantly started dragging his blunt fingers up Amber's soft, velvet like soles. Much to her shock.
"Ooohoh my Godaahaaa! Mark stop it! Naaahaaaaha!" Amber's toes curled forcefully as she felt the fingers make contact with her insanely sensitive soles. Her feet were one of her deadly ticklish spots. Having them tickled drove her crazy.
Watching Amber squeal and laugh like a mess was very entertaining to her friends. They all watched her body tense and shake as she got tickled.
Mark's fingers never left the surface of Amber's soles. They danced and flicked across the poor girls smooth feet.
"Guys pleeheheease! Stop thisaaahaahaa!" She pleaded, but got no sympathy from anyone. Mark was just too intent on covering every inch of Amber's sensitive soles with ticklish sensations.
After a while of this soft tickling, he took a different and more forceful approach. One hand grabbed Amber's toes and pulled them back, to stop them curling. The other hand unleashed all its fingers onto the surfaces of her silky smooth feet. He tickled with huge force, and there was nothing Amber could do to stop him.
"Oh GOD no! Mark! Aaaaahhhaahaha! Pleeeheeheeaseeeaahaa!" She screamed.
"Ok, Sonia. You go too!" Mark said, looking back at Sonia.
"Alrighty then!" Sonia wasted no time at all. Her fingers swiftly dug into Amber's belly and wiggled around like crazy. The worst part was that Mark was still tickling her too!
Amber yelped as soon as she felt more fingers make contact with her skin. She wore terrible clothes when it came to protection. They weren't doing anything to help this situation.

A few minutes passed, and neither Sonia's or Mark's fingers had left contact with Amber's body. The girl was in tears of laughter now. The only thing she could move was her head and her fingers. And boy was she doing that! Her head was shaking like mad, and her fingers curled and clenched violently.
"NOONONOOOOOHHOHOO!" Her words had now just become blurred pleads for this to stop. But it wasn't going to.
Every now and then, Sonia's fingers would dip down into Amber's belly button. This would briefly make her scream.
Just when the poor Amber thought it couldn't get any worse, Carl made her world turn upside down. His fingers dropped hard into her underarms. He was sitting on her wrists, making it impossible for her to move her arms. This sent the girl into a state of hysterics!
Amber pleaded and begged. Her underarms were the most sensitive part of her body. They were always hairless and silky smooth, which in this case made things worse.
As Carl's fingers scrambled around in her armpits, Amber's face went bright red and her laughing turned into screams of uncontrollable giggling.
"You've got to escape, cowboy!" Mark joked, as his fingers tickled the life out of Amber's tingling soles.
These words just intensified the situation. Amber's eyes were flooding with tears of laughter. Her face resembled a tomato, and her whole body was violently shaking. She could feel every single finger stroke that made contact with her skin.
Amber was at breaking point. She had never experienced tickling like this before. Just when she thought she was going to pass out, Carl spoke the words that she had been dying to hear.
"Ok guys, I think we've won. She's clearly had enough!" He explained.

The fingers gradually left Amber's body. After that, she felt the weight leaving her wrists and ankles. It was a miracle. She could move again!
It took multiple minutes for Amber's face to return to its normal colour, and even longer for her to regain her breath. Unfortunately though, her hair was all over the place. That wasn't such an easy fix...
"So how do you feel Amber? We weren't too hard on you were we?" Mark asked.
"You weren't too hard?!" Amber asked in shock. "You nearly killed me!!"
"Haha, well we didn't! That's the main thing." Sonia chuckled.
Amber looked at Sonia and raised an eyebrow. She then turned to look at Mark and Carl. The three of them instantly knew what to do.
"So Sonia..." Mark said, edging closer to her. "How do you feel about being the cowboy next?"
Sonia instantly shivered and her eyes grew wide. She made a run for the door, but was quickly caught by her three friends. As they dragged her to the middle of the room and took the same positions as they had done with Amber, the girls screams echoed softly throughout the street. This was definitely going to be a longer night than anyone had planned...
Amber is invited round to her friend Carl's house for a movie night in.
However, when the attention of her friends starts leaving the films, it points towards something way more fun...

I hope you enjoyed this story. It is the first that I've uploaded here on DA. But that's hopefully the first of many more to come!

Comments, favourites, llamas and watches are hugely appreciated.

And again, big thanks to :iconlord-reckless: for the design of Amber you see. He's a very talented dude!

See you all soon.
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TheDarkOne666999 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015
When's the second coming out?
ManhattonOctoberfest Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
Truly there is no honor amongst these friends.
bmw1425 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Awww, you should do another one with Sonia being tickled :3
tickler818 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
Wow, I really liked this! I wish you'd described Amber a little more, and the others are the movie night. But over all I really liked it!
I loved the British references -- we get so little representation on here -- and I LOVED the line: “CAAAAHAAAHAAAAARRRRL! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAAAAAND!" :D
GiveMeTkl Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for those kind words :) I do have a Deviation that shows Amber and some basic information about her, but I can understand what you mean about getting to know the others a little more :thumbsup:

Much appreciated :D
tickler818 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013
You're very welcome. I look forward to seeing some more stories, maybe one of Peach getting tickled?

Thanks for the watch as well.
GiveMeTkl Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Who knows... There may be a Princess Diaries Part 2 somewhere in my train of inspiration!
tickler818 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
Hehe jolly good, I look forward to it.
ZhaneAugustine Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
Very cute story.
GiveMeTkl Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
ZhaneAugustine Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
watchermatt Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Very entertaining and well written. I really like the descriptions for her spots and reactions. Can't wait to read more. :iconbravoplz:
GiveMeTkl Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That genuinely means a lot to me. Thank you my friend!
Lord-Reckless Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That 's what I'd call a succesfull debut!
A most entertaining story, to say the least!
I'm looking forward to hearing more of Ambers misadventures!
GiveMeTkl Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That genuinely means a lot to me. Thank you!
Something tells me she's bound to find herself in more unfortunate situations :thumbsup:
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